how can we download multiple files from ftp server to localfolder

i want download multiple from ftp server to local folder
but it’s getting error…

The FtpWebRequest and FtpWebResponse objects are really designed do make single requests (i.e. download single files, etc.)

You’re looking for an FTP client. There isn’t one in the .NET Framework, but there’s a free one, System.Net.FtpClient that apparently works quite well.

refer the link

Yes it can give error most of time.

If multiple files are > 200 (or so…)

Considering they are of small size i.e. in some kbs…

Go to :

Select everything you wanna download, and create a zip file of it. (There is a option on top right side.

Then simply download that file using your browser…!!

If your files are too big…!

Guessing, if your files are too big, you would surely be having VPS or something like that, i.e. ssh control. Go to directory of file, make zip package using ssh control, and download it.

This is what I generally do. Hope it will solve your problem. Or just wait to see what others have in their mind… :wink: