How can I restore my answer from deletion in "discuss"?

I deleted my answer , how can i restor it back .

Thank you

As far as i know there is no method to restore deleted answers. Deletion is permanent.

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It seems, it’s not deleted…

I think, that you probably have karma to restore it, you just need to have direct link… Sometimes it happens, that when I follow link from e-mail I see the question as deleted, but I think I can revert deletion (not sure if tried it before).

@betlista Even i can see deleted questions and answers if i have the link. I can close and open a question but i dont think i can un-delete something. I think it needs admin priveleges like yours. Have a look at this deleted question of mine (which was deleted needlessly!) : Link is still present but i cant un-delete it.

In such case you are correct with that “admin privileges” thing, see what I see:


I see everything except “undelete” !

@betlista Just a small query How does codechef decide whom to give admin priveleges?

To be frank, I do not know, one day I received e-mail, that as a respected community member I was granted with admin privileges…

It’s two years now, when I started competing at CodeChef and in the past there was almost no community, CodeChef changed a lot. Those days I was asking a lot (via e-mail) “How it works…”, “What to do with…” and so on, so basically I think one day they do not wanted to answer those questions any more and granted me with those privileges :smiley:

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