How can I practice an ended contest?

Hi Everyone
How can I practice an ended contest. I wanna practice LunchTime contest.

@behnaz_m after contest ended , all problems move to practice area after contest ended . problems usally move topractice section as soon as possible so that users can practice on problems.

here the links ::

Online Shopping->

Greedy Trip->

Number of Factors->

Tasty Dishes->

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@behnaz_m : hi, well as such you can not “participate” in an ended contest. i mean it doesn’t make sense does it?

To solve the problems after a contest is over(as practice):

You can surely solve the problems that appeared in any of the past contest. Just go to the editorial page and click on “practice” contest link

for example if you wish to solve coupon from lunchtime1 then go to the editorial page and click on “practice” under the heading “Problem links”. And repeat this for any problem of past contests.

To solve during a contest and get a rank:

And for the contest, to get a problem on your profile under the contest’s tag you must solve it during the contest is on.
And to get ratings and rank in your profile participate in monthly long and short contests.
And to keep yourself updated with the contest: schedule of all future and past contests with their links

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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