How can I inform everyone about any contest?

Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me, how can I inform users of codechef about any other contests? I have to post it in Discuss?

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As of now the only way to interact with other members of the codechef is Codechef Discuss
We will be happy if We are informed about the other programming competitions

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@rakeshbubli143 you mean that I can announce the contest information here at

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Yes It will be Ok i think… @admin must Confirm it

Yes, you can be a little casual in it, for example “I invite all of you to this contest. I have participated few times, it was exciting.”

P.S: It shouldn’t be an advertisement in any manner, otherwise that might result in hard measures against you. Casual invitations are welcome.

@bugkiller thanks.

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@s1m1_13 : Yes you can post information about external contests at Discuss . People have done so in the past and I didn’t find admins taking it adversely . However that does not extend to posting irrelevant ad’s and non-technical stuff.
We all would be grateful whenever you post about a good competition .
Cheers , Happy Coding .

@s1m1_13 I also think that because if their any problem , then admins should informed you about it.

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