How can I change accept rate?

How can I change accept rate that’s showing next to my name, when I ask or answer/comment something?

accept rate example picture

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If you ask a question and get some answer, there are several thing you can do with it.

possible buttons for answer

  • you can accept it - it basically means that it answered your question (you can accept only one answer for each question), you can accept answers only for your questions (admins also can accept others questions)
  • you can vote for it - it means that there is something in the question you like, f.e. you appreciate the effort someone spent to answer the question. You can vote up as many answers as you want and not only for your questions. Also that’s the way to show others: “red this, this helped me”.
  • you can down vote - f.e. when the question is out of topic or whatever

(number in the middle is the number of votes)

Accept rate than is ratio of your answers and accepted answers. On pages like StackOverflow it works differently (here it is ratio of accepted answers for own question and a number of asked questions).

Voting and accepting is also related to karma system.

I think it is the percent of your answers that were accepted. I calculate this ratio for myself it is 4/35 = 11% which is my accept rate. You answered to many questions :slight_smile: I’ve found like 20 among your 237 answers that are green. 20/237 is actually 8% so maybe I made wrong calculation or accept rate means something different. But I post only editorials as questions and of course I did not mark any answer to the editorial as accepted. So using your version it should be 0 for me but I have 11%.

Hm, that would describe a lot. I’ll fix my previous sentence (ratio of your asked questions and accepted questions) to “ratio of your answers and accepted answered”, what is btw in tooltip

accepra rate tooltip

thanks for correction.