How can I add something to the getting started page?

The Getting Started page should be a page where someone who wants to start programming should be able to find good resources on the web to do so.

However, the present page is not adequate. Also it is not very well classified. There is no way for me to just see the page and know which links might be useful. I may be an absolute newbie, or I may know the fundamentals of programming. Or I may be knowing programming well but need guidance on getting better.

I have a few ideas and links to useful resources. Is there some way I can make changes to the page myself and notify the admins so that my changes get on this page?

Hello @anup,

On the getting started page, right at the end of it, after you scroll down you should see this:

“Do you know better resources that are not included on this page? Add them.”

Where Add them. text gives you an hyperlink so you can mail your suggestions to :slight_smile:

To actually add something yourself, I believe you must have admin privilegies :slight_smile:

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Rightly asked.

We envision the getting started page to be a one stop place for programmers to find useful resources on the web.

Today the page has a few links to get people started to programming but it is far from being perfect. We understand that the community may have much more knowledge than us to contribute to this page and hence we have created a repository which can help us achieve that. If you want to contribute this is the URL:

Just fork the repo and send us a pull request. We will also be happy to add Collaborators to the projects. Feel free to edit the “getting started.html” file and start contributing.

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Yes @kuruma you are right. But I was expecting to edit the page myself and admin has answered the same now. :slight_smile:

@admin Pls provide the link to getting started page in homepage, so that many new users and beginners will found it usefull. :slight_smile:

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Thats a good point. Will do asap.

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