How are chinese coders so advanced as compared to other countries?

This month too in top 20 in Codechef we can find chinese all around.What is their source of preparation or any method?Please provide any link if someone knows of some stuff.


population :slight_smile: just like us indians. competition is too much .so you need to be way above average to earn your bread :slight_smile:


I asked the same question last month…

Literacy rate in India : 63.82%

Literacy rate in China: 94.3% + Highest population in world

Now if we simply calculate the probability, Chinese should be much better than rest of the world.



Practice :slight_smile:

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Here is the Top 20 from July Long by a country:

  • India 4
  • Japan 3
  • China 2
  • Poland 2 :slight_smile:
  • Slovakia 2
  • Romania 1
  • North Korea 1
  • Russia 1
  • Czech Republic 1
  • Switzerland 1
  • Australia 1
  • Ukraine 1

As you can see, there are not so many Chinese people here as you thought. The other fact is that the most Codechef users come from India, which at least statistically gives them an advantage in country ranking.

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See, Slovak coders have it as easy to get into top 20 as Chinese ones :smiley:

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