hotel bytelandia easy

In this problem

the 5th guest in the third sample input is arriving at 2 and leaving at 9
according to me there are 3 more guest arriving at the same time period ie. guest2 guest 3 and guest4

making the total count to 4 how come it is 3 …
pls help me to clear what a simultaneous stay is !!!

i think, consider the number of guests per time frame, not according to their clock in and outs.


Simultaneous means that the guest should be present there at that time.In the given test case guest 3 and 4 are never present together at the same time since 3 arrives at 5 and leaves at 6 while 4 arrives at 8. By this time 3 has already left.

alt text

plz refer to the explanation for test case 3 i provided in the image. I hope i play the helpful roll.