Hosting node webapp

Q.1 I don’t know where to host my website and how?. Please tell me where to host…I have started a node.js server at port 3000 on provided Alibaba Ubuntu instance but when i tried to access it using public ip address provided at my Alibaba Ubuntu instance https://publicip:3000 but it responses site not reached/connection timed out.I think this public ip addr is not right ip address of my Ubuntu Instance.

I have hosted a number of websites on Heroku and 000Webhost but where to host codechef hackathon website and how please answer sir/ma’am.

Thank you Sir/Ma’am.

There are two ways to run the node app.

  1. Configure apache/nginx to serve as reverse proxy for the node local instance and run the node using pm2. see this.

  2. Use a serverless framework in this case alibaba function compute to deploy you node. see this