Hint in approaching this problem?

Please give me some hint to solve this practice problem from topcoder, I tried but couldn’t come up with any nice idea. Below is the link.

@c0d3h4ck3d an important hint is in the last sample case. Given that the number of factorizations will never be larger than 7389115, it’s quite possible to brute-force the solution. It’s similar to partitions, except we’re concerned with products instead of sums. Good luck!

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It’s all about concentration and presence of mind. As If you have read the question deeply then you will find that there is a limit of factorization that will end up to 7389115.

Many of programmers missed that one which cause the problem from easy to medium. It’s Simply a ad-hoc and totally based upon your implementation and nothing else.

So my suggestion is to work on it by own first. If you would not able to reach the solution then contact or comment there. I will explain the whole solution afterward.

Keep Coding! :slight_smile:

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the top coder of the new segment of the causes of the problem that are totally used database sql books is based upon the nothing else

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thanks @bansal1232 I will try to implement. :slight_smile:

Thanks @meooow . :slight_smile:

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