help newbie programmer......

i am new to competitive programming …i am unable to solve more than one problem in the june challenge…
how should i improve my programming skills …
any book or website links to know the algorithms and programming skills…

Refer this link and learn various algorithms and data structures.

Also no one becomes great in a day or two, practice is the key.
Keep participating, keep solving and you will be good eventually !

go here and solve all the problems …

they should all have editorial… spend like 1-2 hours on a problem then look at editorial and try to understand it and implement every single one.

Give a search to forum first. Such a question has been abundantly and excellently answered before. :slight_smile:

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Here,Tutorials and some practice problems are there for almost each and every topic

And you better follow code monk series which starts at the beginning of every academic year as they host contests(topic wise) on every topic with a gap of one or two weeks.If you follow code monk series then you will will improve a lot and you can be able to solve every standard problem.



Anytime buddy !

Here are some links, that might seem helpful to you.

Awesome Algos