HElp Needed...

I am new 2 d programming world. i startd c programming this november and is currently facing problem with the problems here.i am learning c language and python.i need some help on how can i improve my skills.i am practising regularly apart from this any book or site which could help me to get that mindset ??..the things i learn in books bear very less with the level of questions here…plz guyz i want to be one good programmer and is working hard to be one just not getting the correct direction…

A basic suggestion would be : Get yourself a data structures and algorithms book apart from the programming language books that you have . Problems here at CodeChef are very algorithmic and require good usage of data structures . With this fundamental knowledge of data structures and algorithms , you will be able to attempt problems here especially those in the Easy section . You will also require good knowledge of programming language syntax .
The books I suggest are :

  1. Data Strucutres and Algorithms by Aho , Ullman and Hopcraft . ( Medium level )
  2. Algorithms by Cormen etc . ( Hard level , but easy to understand and well written book ) .
    Regarding hard problems , you often require knowledge of things like graph theory , optimization etc . The above mentioned books will give you basic exposure of these things also , but for advanced knowledge you may have to refer further books . The second book however is quite detailed , and will give you a lot of exposure and will also take a lot of time to understand .

I understand that as you are beginner, you are feeling bit difficult to learn C. I can suggest you some online tutorials as below one which will help you to understand C.

C programming tutorial

I would suggest the course 6.00x on offered by MIT which is awesome if you want to learn Python and basic algorithms.Really helped me a lot.