Help needed in Understanding Persistent Segment Tree

Hello everyone, I am facing difficulty in visualising Persistent Segment Tree and Anudeep Nekkanti’s Blog did’nt help. I am a beginner in Advanced Data Structures and any good links (other than geeks for geeks/Anudeep Nekkanti’s Blog) related to this will be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

linkforPersistance Segment Tree
geeksforgeeks covers all topic regarding data structure and algorithm dear

hope dis link helps u

even dis video tutorial is nice

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anudeep nekkanti’s blog is one of the best blogs i have ever seen and geeks for geeks explanation on persistent segtrees is also so good.If you don’t understand these two then no one can help you.

Well, thanks for motivating me

some video tutorials are there on youtube,one tutorial of gkcs is also there. once watch them.

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I was asking about new links, like this one

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hope dis notes help u @anuraag_s2

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sorry link expired !! vl update it soon !

download d first pdf in dis link

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