help me please

hello I need to solve this problem. please help me. I have to solve this problem immideately

please solve this problem for me…

Better way would be to try to solve the problem and ask the point where you are stuck. You can start by taking 4-5 examples of length 5 and 6 random number in range 1-10 and solve it manually. Now look at the pattern, I am sure you would find something.

I am at contest of our school. I need code immideately.

please help meeeeeeeee

So you need somebody to help you in cheating?

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…maybe it is a cheating contest :smiley:

aaa ne demek isteirsiniz??? gelin qafqaza sohbet edek. COME TO CAUCASUS!!!1!!!111!!!

you must try to solve problem .if you have any little problem we must help.=D