Help me please.......

I’m trying to solve practice(easy) problems, but I only succeed 6 problems only so far. So, I think I need some very easy problem recommend for me to practice. Tell me if you have some to recommend to me. Thank You…

FYI: I’ve solved : - Life, the Universe, and Everything
- Enormous Input Test
- Holes in the text
- Small factorials
- Jewels and Stones

You might want to try this Workshop for Beginners . You’ve already solved one problem from that, but you can try the rest ( these are really easy, but maybe, you might find some difficulty, but should be able to solve them after trying ) .

You can also try Peers . You can sort them by accuracy or successful submissions , and try the problems which have a decent good accuracy and successful submissions. ( not many people try these problems , so even if they have low successful submissions and high accuracy, it is mostly because not many have tried it , so you can try the ones with 100 accuracy as well, although I can't guarantee that all of them are simple . NOTE : There are even some with accuracy higher than 100 )

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have you solved ATM in C? if yes can you please post your code.

Thanks for your information mate, really helpful.

No, I haven’t. I solved it with Python. I think I’ll try it in C

I would recommend you to play spoj to build your skills. Don’t find easy questions. Try to learn new algorithm and solve them. I would say don’t run from the questions, as they take time to solve.

You can try from below from this link:,start=5000

Or try tutorial section in spoj.

Take your time there and then come for codechef after building confidence. I hope it helps you.

Alright, thanks mate.

hey, parthindia47. This is the C code for ATM