Help me master Dynamic Programming.

Dear coders i would like to tell you all that i am not a good coder at the moment but wants to be one and hence learning Data Structures and Algorithms from random places and is currently stuck with Dynamic Programming problems and so need help from you all. Please help me master Dynamic Programming any suggestions like link to some videos, articles and problems are welcomed.

These sites will help you to master the DP.

For questions based on DP try solving hackerearth problems on DP(they are simple for those who are at learning stages of DP) and than you can shift to SPOJ, Topcoder, Codechef and Hackerrank.


Dynamic Programming is not something you can master by watching a few videos or reading a few blogs. It comes to you with time.

You can read Fractional knapsack and other classical DP problems and try to solve them on your own. They create a strong foundation. Then you’ll realise the core behind DP. You’ll start to think on terms of merging sub-problems. You will realise that the solution of the next value is somehow dependent on a solution you calculated before.

As suggested earlier, start with topcoder and HackerEarth. Practising a variety of problems is the key here!

u can get the stuff here . mastering this topic is not that easy it takes more and more and more practice more u practice dp better u become.HAPPY CODING::::::::

Use these sites and quora answers. Hope this helps. HaPPY CODING.

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