Help me in BUGCAL

Hello, I was practicing problems of the Beginner Section, and I have tried to submit a solution for the following problem:-

Problem :

And My Latest Solution :

In the IDE this solution ran successfully and I think that I have taken care of all the constraints but somehow the solution is still not accepted. Can please somebody point where and what I am doing wrong or missing out.

And for the Subtask #1 (30 points): 1 ≤ a, b ≤ 9 should the answer be 0 if a=1 and b=9?
It would be helpful if somebody answers this.

Thank You

Leading zeroes are not allowed. Meaning-

15+91 =06=6

06 is rejected, 6 is accepted.

Take care of leading zeroes and you’re good to go. It is one of the tougher beginner problems.Yes, for 9+1 it is 0.

I see you got wrong output on subtask 1. Try on tricky cases of 5+5, 6+4,9+9 etc. I think it shouldnt be that hard to debug, just give T=10 and try the possible combinations.

PS: Your code fails here-

2 8
Your Output
Expected Output

For input


55 55

Output should be 0

But your code produces 100 as output

You really mentioned an important point about this input case. I tried this input, found the fault and corrected it and it was accepted. Thanks.