help in understanding strongly connected component in graphs

i have read this article but didn’t able to understand the line : “low[u] = min(low[u], disc[v]);
In case two, can we take low[v] instead of disc[v] ?? . Answer is NO. If you can think why answer is NO, you probably understood the Low and Disc concept.”

as far i have understood low[v] is the lowest node value which we can reach from current node. so, if we have found an edge(back edge not cross one) to an upper level node(already visited node) from current node then it means we can reach to this node from current one and if it has (low != disc) then we should consider it’s low value as we are able to reach here (and so able to reach anywhere where this node can reach)!

please correct me if i am wrong.
and if someone has better tutorials please share :slight_smile:

please help me.

@vijju123 please reply something!

hope dis helps u :

Sorry, I am having my end sem exams right now and hence am not able to respond as quickly as I used to. This isnt yet covered by me, so I cant add much here, except that interchanging disc[v] and low[v] made no difference to the codes and both got AC. It seems that the concept is really not much understood - but you should check the comments on articles if you havent.

sorry i didn’t knew that! thanks for your answer…but still i am confused fully :frowning: