Hey guys, i need help in combinatorics,
can anyone suggest me any good book for combinatorics or some tutorial online ??
and some basic problems to solve in combinatorics !!
I’d be glad if anybody can help !


@smartass007 You should start with

  1. Concrete Mathematics by Graham,Knuth,Patashnik
  2. An Introduction to Computational Combinatorics - E. S. Page
  3. Russell Merris’s Combinatorics, 2nd ed.
  4. Combinatorial Problems and Exercises by László Lovász

Really good books on the subject.Especially first and second.

You should take a look at this link Good discussion here too.
Enjoy :slight_smile:


There’s an excellent and famous math forum known as Art of Problem Solving. They have video tutorials, online classes, practice problems, books you can purchase, and all sorts of nice stuff.

Here is a link to some video tutorials on Combinatorics:

AOPS also has several books on combinatorics and probability, including one for beginners. It also has several online courses for you to take. The only downside is that you have to pay, but it is certainly worth the money.

I suggest exploring the site for more help and information.


@smartass007 :
Aspects of Combinatorics: A Wide-ranging Introduction
Author : Victor Bryant
Cambridge University Press , 276 pages

Combinatorics: Topics, Techniques, Algorithms
Author : Peter J. Cameron
Cambridge University Press , 368 pages

Elements of Discrete Mathematics (Mcgraw Hill Computer Science Series)
Author : Chung Laung Liu
Mcgraw-Hill College , 433 pages .

Besides the above mentioned book ( by @amitupadhyay ) Combinatorial Problems and Exercises by László Lovász is also very good . Also this one will give you a lots of exercises to solve . I would suggest you buy one of the above three as your text book and this one as your problem book .

Besides , the book
An Introduction to Computational Combinatorics (Cambridge Computer Science Texts - 9) [Paperback]
Author : E.S. Page , L.B. Wilson
Cambridge University Press , 228 pages
also looks very good , though I haven’t read this one .

The three books I have suggested in beginning will give you a strong theoretical base ( any one will do ). The book on computational combinatorics can teach you combinatorics as applied to computation . And the book by Lovasz is an excellent problem book .


Very nice tutorial. Thanks a lot :wink:

I already have the first book-concrete mathematics it doesn’t cover much about combinatorics,
but the others seem catchy !! i’ll take a look at them :slight_smile:
thanks @amitupadhyay i’m glad you replied!

your welcome :slight_smile:

Can anyone provide a link to these ebooks
? Or mail me if you have it