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March cook-off 2018
Here is the link of my code. IT is not working, ALTHOUGH THE APPROACH LOOKS PROMISING.
Please go through the code once


Please add comments in your code or explain your approach in detail for faster and effective response. :slight_smile:

Your code was hard to understand but I guess the problem lies potential over flow at

int sum = mid * (mid + 1) / 2; 
if (sum <= s && (mid+1)*(mid+2) >=2*s)
	return mid;

Ok there was one more mistake it should be “n+suma” not “n+suma+1”. Your AC submission.

I also misread the constraints and used binary search without generating array. You can refer to my solution, it’s a bit cleaner than yours.


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Here is my submission for the above problem ::

Here is my approach for the problem ::

I used Quadratic formula to check the exact decimal value of n

alt text

Here x represents an unknown, while a, b, and c are constants with a not equal to 0. One can verify that the quadratic formula satisfies the quadratic equation by inserting the former into the latter. With the above parameterization, the quadratic formula is:

alt text

Now , I came up with this equation
alt text

if the value of n received after this is integer , we’ll print the ans else we’ll check for the absolute difference between this value and the closest possible upper and lower bound values , then print the one with lowest difference .
Hope it helps , rest in the solution

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editorial has been added, have a look, here

thanks nilesh for your help.
Nilesh naam ke log coding me smart hote hai , it seems.

thanks harry potter . I tried this one but made mistake pointed by nilesh in the above comment.

ok man all the best in the upcoming contests :stuck_out_tongue: