help for january challenge question

i had a doubt related to the question Reservior link: reservior

my doubt is what if the block above water has brick ? will that be stable or unstable? please help me. THANK YOU

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This question is based on totally about your Imagination! Just think about what will happen in Natural way!


Please ask doubts in the comment section below the problems.

Anyone please clarify the following conditions since it is unclear from original contest problem statement:

  • BWB
    BWB[ water below water ]
  • BWB
    BAB[ air below water ]
  • BAB
    BWB[ water below air ]

Also is it safe to assume that air below air is “stable” ?

In the first case,the reservoir is stable because the water can’t escape from its position.
In the second case,the reservoir is unstable because the water above the air can flow down and the air goes up.
In the third case,again the reservoir is stable because there is no way that the water can move from its position!!
Also it is safe that you can assume air below air is stable.
hope this answer might help !!!

@mukeshrana you should not ask solutions of an ongoing contest.

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Please stop posting your code guys! Discussing questions related to ongoing contest should not be allowed!

The problem is simple:

Air can flow in any direction. (exchange with anything)

Water can flow left, right and down (exchange with air)

Brick can flow down (exchange with air)

Give it a try. It’s all about our imagination. I got AC after 3 days!

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You can do this experiment on your own!!
good luck!!

Stop discussing contest question in the forum, you’ll get disqualified from the contest. If you can’t decipher the solution wait for the contest to end.

It is unstable system , brick will get drowned in water .