help for algorithms

hello guys i am new to computer programming but i want to make it big i need some help in algorithms guys can u guys please tell me some valuable resources for alogrithms? like which is the best book to buy for learning a lot of computer algorithms?? i have knuth’s art of computer programming .But its too complicated for me to suggest a nice book for c++ algorithns

Introduction to Algorithm is pretty great, You should check it out~

Topcoder also have some great informations. link text


Introduction to Algorithms, By Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein. Generally known by CLRS. Considered as a bible in the field of algorithms. (My recommendation).

You can also go for Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos.


Introduction to Algorithms. - Cormen, Leiserson



As a reference the worldwide famous CLRS is definitely a good way to start if you want to read about some standard algorithms and “tune” your brain to do CS/programming contests…

But, there are some things, namely, some insights, ideas, clever tricks, that one can’t learn on books… You also need to learn doing some things by… doing them!! :smiley:

I can say that this second part has helped me a lot on learning the ins and outs of some tricks and that along with training on Codechef practice problems is the best way to go!! :smiley: