HELP am a new bee!!!

i know c language thoroughly and have just started solving questions on code chef…started at 7th december.But till know have solved only two questions in easy section.Need advice as to how to improve my skills so that i can become a decent programmer and solve questions on codechef in a limited time frame.
Also need to advice to how to approach problem solving on codechef in diff section…!!!plzzzhelp

go through this link…!!!

also pls search the forum b4 asking ques…this way u will get ur doubts cleared earlier as those ques may have been already answered…:slight_smile:

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If you are a beginner then you never gonna get a better example than that—



Solve as many problems as you can… If you cannot solve any problem. Learn the used algorithm properly and implement that…

Seriously when i started (23 jan 2013) it took three submissions to solve the problem named “TEST”…
And in my first contest i was only able to solve a single problem on the 3rd or 4th day.

So do as much as you can… Live to code… and remeber Efforts never die…


@rohan1994 : dont worry, just learn new algorithms and practice well :slight_smile:
refer this link for list of algos to be learnt :slight_smile:

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Pretty rare to see a bee that can write, much less write on a programming forum…

bzz, anyway.


@rohan1994 im a newbie too. started just 2-3 weeks ago. looked for topcoder(even dont know how to compete there), codeforces, uVa, spoj, lightOJ, uri and codechef. among them i decided on codechef due to its functionalities. pros: you can have a look at others solutions, ask at discuss(here), and some editorials exist in problem statements, also here at codechef exist some coders ready to help like @kuruma, @randomusername, @anton_lunyov, @betlista etc. cons: some problems are poorly stated, user pool is not saturated yet.

i started from practice -> easy section. start from the questions that are solved much, and you will make a slight progression like me. and believe me, the taste of solving questions is UNMATCHED. so lets move on, good luck bro.

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Make this your home page for the next 10 years and make sure that you truly love programming or else it will seem impossible to you.


@vigonoid great link bro, (liked :wink:

@garakchy :slight_smile: