Having the basic knowledge of language but now what???

Hello, I’m kind of a newbie in programming. I’ve been on Codechef for 6-7 Months and i code whenever i get free time. I do have the basic knowledge of the programming languages like C,C++ and Java but i don’t know what to do next. I have solved some easy problems and participated in 2 long contests and solved some problems with the limited or basic knowledge i have. Do i need to practice programs only to implement the advance knowledge or should i go for reading out some stuff. Please guide me…I’ll be very thankful to you…Thanks in advance…!!:slight_smile:

you can study as well as implement what you hav studied in the practice set question that codechef,spoj,codeforces have in their store.
in that way you will be able to learn more

take refrence from this link a very good source of information :-

Happy coding :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply and for referring the link…:slight_smile:

Hello @hardik94
I think , this link will be useful for you. try to learn new algorithms and understand their significance and codechef also contains nice set of questions for practice.

While coming to the what kind of algorithms , You can check this link . well while coming to the language perspective having basic language is not enough. you need to update with new concepts in that particular language for example STL in C++, String processing in java etc… and more over don’t bother about language. You need sharpen your skills in problem solving. later on you can implement in any language based upon the flexibility provided by the language for that problem.
last but not the least, Three things to be keep in your mind

All the best happy coding :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply…Will try to focus on the problem solving as you said. :slight_smile: