Haven't received June long challenge laddus yet!!

Its almost been a month since i haven’t received my laddus for the June long challenge 2018. No one seems to reply ,neither the admin nor anyone replies when i mail on winners@codechef.com.

Since i came 2nd in that long,they said that they’ll give me once they check that i am the first time cash winner(There has been invented a new rule that cash winners will get laddus only for their first time). After having been confirmed about all those stuffs,i still haven’t received it.

I dont know where to ask now,so i am sorry i had to ask over here.

@admin Please if possible give the laddus soon.

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Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

Your laddus have been credited. Thanks for reporting.

Thanx a lot @admin!!

Glad it got resolved finally. This issue took a more than usual time.