Have problem with ide

My program runs sucessfully and gives correct output in my pc. But the same code gives wrong answers in codechef’s ide. I use the same gcc compiler. Why does this happen?

Hello @spraveenkumar,

Can you send the detailed description at help@codechef.com along with the following data:

  • your code
  • input
  • screenshot of the ide with the output

This will help us in finding the issue.

my ide is not working

it again n again showing execution timeout after 10 min of submission queued

Hello @dhawal777,

We are facing some technical issues with our judge system, due to which IDE is not working. Our developers are looking into it. Kindly bear with us.

Hello @dhawal777,

It has been solved now. Please try again.

i also faced the same problem many times

thanks now everthing is perfect again

codechef compiler is showing wrong output for certain set of inputs wheareas sapphire engine compiler(online ide:https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/60704/have-problem-with-ide) is showing the correct for the same code and same set of inputs… I think there is something wrong with codechef compiler…

codechef id is not working i am unable to submit the codechef problem.Why is this happening ?