Hashing and Counting Sort

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Nice going. .

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Thanks sanzzzay

see this visulaization here it helps to understand how the counting algorithm works

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I saw the MIT OCW video on counting sort yesterday, the complexity should be max (n, k) right? Because if I have only three numbers in the array to be sorted but the maximum number is 100000 then I’ll have to loop through 100000 elements of the array I’m storing my counts instead of only three.

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Right bro…need lil modification. Thanks!

Welcome saanc …I also want to make my own blog how to start one …

Welcome! :). Just saw your hashing article, why is the naive approach n^2,it should be 26 and so asymptotically it’ll be o(n), am I right?

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yes,it should be o(n.k) where k is the range size . :slight_smile: thanks for noticing that once again.I will take care not to repeat the errors that i have made next time.It was really nice to hear from you…blog is updated now!

@sanzzzay…Nothing much to do.just create an account on wordpress or other sites and get familiar with its functionalities.once you get that foundation work is over.Read some good articles for the topic on which you are going to write and start writing :slight_smile:

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