Happy New Year

Hello @all,

As we are, before programming, a community, I want to wish everyone a wonderful year of 2014, filled with love, joy and fullfilled dreams :smiley:

I think that you all know how much you all matter to me, as coding friends, real friends, supporters and I want to say that I will keep working with the same dedication as on the previous years and I hope to evolve as much as I did during these past 2 years :smiley:

For those of you who want to send me any mail or keep in touch besides codechef forums, feel free to contact me at olivbruno8 at gmail dot com


Bruno Oliveira


<==BYE BYE 2013 ==>

Wish u the same :slight_smile: :slight_smile: @all: wish u all a happy new year 2014 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: being a part of programming community i wish everyone to learn and do new programs that we couldnt in 2013 :wink: .

Thanks to CODECHEF for making 2013 wonderful in terms of programming experience, i am hoping to have a better experience in 2014, once again thanks and new year to codechef and all the coders in our community:):slight_smile:

==>HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014<== :slight_smile:


@all happy new 2zero1for…wish u this new year fulfill all ur dreams :slight_smile:

wish u the same buddy…have a nice year ahead :slight_smile:

@squal wish u a very happy new year…2enjoyyyy

@all Happy new year to all and may this year fulfill all your dreams…:slight_smile:

Keep on digging the gold mine until you find the gold and once you are accustomed to digging it would be fun while digging,helping each other and ultimately finding the gold :slight_smile:

System.out.println(" HAPPY NEW YEAR ")

Same to you Bruno. Hope we get another year filled with wonderful problems and tutorials from you!!

Happy new year !!!

Happy new year! Looking forward to a mind-boggling-coding year!!

Happy kuruma = new Coder();

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