Happy Birth Day Code Chef !!!!!

A very heart full congratulations to all the Code Chef organizers , participants on the 4rth Birth Day of Code Chef . I am a new user , registered i guess in September 2012 , and started participation since October 2012 . So I am celebrating Code Chef birthday for the first time .
I sincerely hope the Code Chef community grows and prospers .
Cheers :slight_smile: .


thanks for informing this vineetpaliwal sir,
congrats to all the organizers and participants who have really worked hard to bring codechef to this point :slight_smile: … Happy 4th birthday codechef


Happy Birthday Codechef… I have learnt a lot since I joined this community and I hope to do the same as it thrives and progresses to a whole new level in future…:slight_smile:


I’m also standing in long line of congratulators to virtually shake hand with all CodeChef team members that makes great work.

We almost share the B-day (but it’s my first on CodeChef), because my first challenge on CodeChef was February 2012 Cook-off.


Happy Birthday Codechef,

Let’s all wait that this platform can reach even higher quality standards than the usual ones and become a reference when it comes to online contests :smiley:

I wish everyone in here an year full of success, joy and ofc, lots and lots of lines of code :smiley:

Best regards to all,


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Happy Birthday Codechef. You are the turning point in my yet to get something in my coding career :slight_smile:

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I would also like to thank CodeChef my best online place where i started practicing and improving a day by day.
cout<<“Thanks for all CodeChef team.”<<endl; :slight_smile:


@bugkiller : Yes , I am a professional working for Directi . The info is correct and has been there for quite some time :slight_smile:

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Thanks every one :slight_smile:


A very happy birthday Codechef! Hats off to you guys on the awesome work you people have done in raising the standard of Indian competitive programming!