Haha! Finally codechef's Plagiarism test took me down incorrectly (Though it was my mistake completely)

Hello folks,
Finally I received what we call most threatening dream of every coder(Haha!). Guess what? Yes, you are right. It is getting caught falsely for plagiarism.
Now here is what happened:
This guy @punee901 (https://www.codechef.com/users/punee901) has copied my code for CHEFNIL of November Long challenge 2017. These are the code:

https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/16258278 (plagiarist)
https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/16259473 (Me)

Well, it dosen’t matter whether my ratings are down or not but this type of people should be banned from CC. I agree it was completely my mistake because I kept my code public on last day of challenge in hurry and I don’t feel bad if codechef decreases my ratings. After all I deserve it. But this people are making competition bad, really bad.

So purpose of this post was to make you all aware (again!) don’t keep your code public on ideone. Not even by mistake. I don’t want this to happen with any good, genuine coder.


Yadnesh Sonawane


Thanks for sharing this!
Take care in the future :slight_smile:

@nileshjha19 yes

That happened to me too in Snackdown Pre-Elimination Contest.My system crashed that day and I have no other option than to use online IDE on lab systems.
My team was debarred from Elimination Round just because of the team with one user & that too a 1star coder.

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I am too penalized for incorrect plagiarism that too for 10 points and I didn’t even used online IDE. Though the codes looks very similar but neither of us cheated. Now both of us are facing the incorrect plagiarism.

ROFL @yadnesh_viper, common let’s laugh at each other. Probably that’ll make me feel better. Did the same mistake. Can anyone tell me how much do codechef penalizes in these cases?


I think they will calculate your rating considering your score as zero, making a drop and they will ban your account if you are caught again.

Will they consider this situation if told to them?

They won’t . My friend had once tried to but he got reply that " its clearly mentioned in Code of conduct to use the online ides properly and your small mistake , intentional or unintentional , can nullify the efforts of contest setters and honest participants, etc, etc. " They are right from their perspective. So better don’t knock to them. Be careful next time. And ratings can be recovered in no matter of time ( one or two contests :slight_smile: )

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True that. Thanks @pankajkhan.
@yadnesh_viper who submitted the solution first, him or you?

@markus__ ofcourse me

Well, tale of online ides playing role of being a mischievous portal to the solutions of Live contest is not new. Sadly , many genuine users because of their tiny unintentional mistake have been affected as I came to know by going through this thread ( https://blog.codechef.com/2014/11/05/the-cheating-cases-saga/ ) .

My opinion is that, only way to rightly use other online ides(pastebin, ideone …etc) is to not use them at all( at least for LIVE CONTEST ) . Some of my friends don’t even use codechef ide , they code their solution using gedit and submit their solution as file. But, personally I find Codechef Ide friendly and convenient since you no need to execute any commands to run them and it is quite fast most of the time. Therefore , I use Codechef Ide irrespective of on whatever platform (CF, AC, CSA, HR)'s contest I am participating. But many times Codechef IDE doesn’t respond quickly and takes lot of time ( although rare ) . I have heard my friends complaining that it is during these times that they have to switch to online ides like ideones or pastebin .

Personally , during these times when codechef ide is giving slow response, What I do instead is that I use HackerRank Code editor and open Project Euler’s random Problem and try to run custom test cases there without Submitting. ( No need to submit since you need to run custom test cases) . Even if I mistakenly submit , I am safe there since Project Euler is live contest and no one can see my submission. Although I don’t like to code in HackerRank code editor ( due to braces convention) , I copy paste the code that I typed from CODECHEF ide and run there . It executes fast and safe there and has many languages support.

So my advice is that refrain using other online ides during LIVE CONTEST.


His solution says 15:58 and your says 17:10. Please correct me if I am wrong

hey the project euler thing is a nice idea! thanks mate!

He submitted the first version of this code @ 3 56 pm . (https://www.codechef.com/NOV17/status/CHEFNIL?sort_by=All&sorting_order=asc&language=All&status=All&handle=yadnesh_viper&Submit=GO)

and cheater’s code is @ 3 58 pm

welcome :slight_smile:

@Markus__ ohh sorry, the solution which i have linked is latest one and previous one was submitted Before as @pankajkhan said

I am sympathetical to your case dear, and all others. I really am - after all, who will think that even making code public there, someone will find it?

Thing is, whether you like it or not, there are hundreds of these amateur coders who keep eye on “recent submission” of ideone like a hawk. Every contest I get reports of solutions being public on ideone, whether it be lunchtime, cookoff or long. And its really easy for them to copy paste your code. You wont believe, but they spend a substantial time in it. Whenever I see a 2 star or 1 star in top 200, I feel sad deep down that well- there goes another pair for plagiarism (original guy+ the one who plagiarised)

Regarding how to avoid it, @pankajkhan literally spoke everything I had to say- for I follow similar pattern.

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Even codeforces “Custom Invocation” is quite good.


how can I change my solution from public to private or private to public ?? As I am not able to find that option I codechef ide… plz help me… i am not able to post anything due to less karma… so I am asking que in comments… plz help me to get karma …