HackerEarth November Easy // two unusual problems

HackerEarth November easy contest is coming. I’m the editorialist for the contest, and I’m very excited to let you know that there will be two very unusual problems to solve in the contests. Check out the details on my blog: http://chasethered.com/?p=663


What do you means by unusual problems? Are they gonna be tough (or) easy (or) pure logical/math ?

No, they will be very surprising though. I think, I cannot reveal much more here, because we don’t want to lose a surprise factor :slight_smile:

ok … fine :slight_smile: Atleast i hope that one out of the two can be solvable by beginners.
Are they desgined in that way … atleast can u tell this?

Yes, two problems are very easy, targeted for beginners. other two are special kind of problems, and the last two are standard algorithmic ones.