Guidelines on App Ideas

The contest guidelines mention “Participants are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas. Any idea that has been copied from somewhere will be disqualified.”

What kind of ideas will be considered “copied”? My team is planning to use one of the ideas from the example possibilities suggested, with some of our own additions. Will this fall under that category? What if we use someone else’s work with due attribution?

Few clarifications

  • You can use a publicly available code with due attribution.
  • By copied ideas, we mean that two teams shouldn’t collude and make two app submissions by making some small changes in their application. The aim of this rule to disqualify people who indulge in such things.

In summary, the ideas can be something similar, the work of the teams should be independent. If there are two teams with very similar ideas and many parts of code matching each other, then such teams will be punished under this rule.

So, as a team, you shouldn’t worry about idea matching and instead work on whatever idea/s you have regardless of whether something similar already exists or not.