guide for beginners in competitive coding

hello everybody,

I am in class 12th cbse,taken c++ as additional subject and I tried solving problems in codechef after hearing from my friend but couldn’t. can you suggest a approach on how to start with this competitive coding also some good books to strengthen my prolem solving skills.

thank you

See you just need to start with the very basic problem ie Life Universe & Everything. If you want any reference you can go to any website like stackoverflow,tutorialpoint,or topcoders. In the books, you can take dietel and dietel to start from basic and go to a higher level.

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Since you are at a very beginning stage, I’d suggest clear your basic fundamentals of C/C++. Start with books like Let us C/C++ by Yashwant Kanetkar. Simultaneously follow the site (It’s C and C++ tags). Also, along with this keep on implementing whatever you learn and practise simple questions on codechef or any other site. Solve those first which have been solved by maximum people. After learning all these basic things, move on to data structures. Because you are in school, you must be reading Sumita Arora. The book is fine and atleast good to clear someone’s fundamentals of data structures with reference from geeksforgeeks site. Stick to this only till you get good understanding of things. Then you can move on to books by Karumanchi and Cormen if you are very interested in the subject and want to pursue the same in future.

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Well i have read the c++ cbse book of sumita arora both class 11 and 12. Only with that knowledge you can not proceed. There are hundred of books,e-books,tutorials.
Some of them have been suggested above.
You need to start with beginning and through some tutorials it may be hard to understand.
I started with Steven Skiena’s Algorithm design manual and nptel courses of data structures which are very easy to understand. I would suggest you to start from the nptel courses on data structures(around 5-7 courses you only need to do 1-2) which are from different IIT’s(Bombay,Kanpur,Delhi etc.).I did of Kharagpur but it used C language for data structuring. So be aware of course you take.