Guidance for young me out seniors you were once a junior too!

i am dropping an year to prepare and get an admission in a good college’s ug program.Interested a lot in coding so i will do btech in computer science and engineering.Can i develop coding skills too in this on eyear which might be help or do something to utilize this year more which may help me whicle applying for a job or later in life.Plz help me out.plzzz


You can read some post at quora about how to systematically prepare to become a good programmer.
like this link@quora.

In case, if you have specific query.You can ask you will find many friends of your which will be 24x7 availabel to help you out.

will programming help me in getting a good job. which languages should i start learning.

You should do programming only if you are passionate about it. Definitely you would get a good job. You should not be obsessed about getting a job. Become perfectionist in what you like …and you will find the whole world bowing down to you, what to speak of job.