Group for helping each other out

I have observed there are two categories at code chef , one the high star profiles the other the less star profiles , trying everyday to get up there with the best.
so, with acm-icpc around the corner , I m bored of solving questions alone daily and wasting a lot of time when stuck, which happens with most of you people, many of you get good links , good questions and many other things , but its not possible to ask over here at the forum everytime , so I was thinking of creating a group of people at WhatsApp or any such place for fast help and sharing of other helpful links .
P.S. if I get more then 10 backings then I will create a group so that we can help each other out and in a faster way.


For Helping each other Whatsapp group is gud…!!


1 vote , 9 more I need.

yeah it is a good idea !

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one more up.

good idea…

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Your idea is good but it seems as a karma farming technique xD
If you want to create a group, go ahead… Why keep conditions like 10 upvotes to create??!


10 backing in comments bro!

Count me in!

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I’m in @_@

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5 more needed

yes 5 more

when did I say up vote , are you out of mind , I said backing , u cn comment also , everything is nt done for karma only :slight_smile:

When no one pays attention to you and hence you re-comment on the most recent thing you can start a fight on.

@striverlearner please keep your behavior in check. In case we find (as we found till now) that you are keeping up with your rash, insensitive behavior, we might have to be strict. Howsoever you are in real life, when you are at discuss, you must have a sense of politeness, professionalism and be quite formal.

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A good idea , but I’d prefer discord over whatsapp as I don’t want to give out my number.

Why would anyone need so called “backings” in order to create a group for helping each other??
I appreciated your idea about creating group but why such conditions?
If you want to initiate it, go ahead and ask for their contacts or ID wherever you have made the group and not “backings”!!

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drop me a mail with your contact number