Gross Salary - Output rounding

Hi, I have been trying to solve the Gross Salary beginner problem. However, I am having trouble outputing the result. I am solving the problem in Nodejs. I have also tried using Math.round()and Number.toFixed(1) which gave the right answer for the given test case, but not for the whole problem.

Here is my code:


process.stdin.on('data', function (chunk) {
    var lines = chunk.split('\n');
    var numLines = lines[0];
    var basicSalary = 0, grossSalary = 0, DA = 0, HRA = 0;
    for(var i=0; i<numLines; i++){
        basicSalary = parseInt(lines[i+1]);
        if(basicSalary < 1500){
            HRA = ((basicSalary*10)/100);
            DA = ((basicSalary*90)/100);
            grossSalary = basicSalary + HRA + DA;
        else if(basicSalary >= 1500){
            grossSalary = basicSalary + (basicSalary*0.98) + 500;
        console.log( grossSalary );

Thanks in advance


We are sorry. This problem had precision issues, and has been fixed now. Now any solutions which are within 10^(-2) of the correct answer will be accepted, irrespective of the number of digits printed.