Great logic skills: Enough for managers to complement kickass coders?

Hi everyone!

This is my first question at CodeChef, so hope you find it interesting enough to turn it into a good talk :slight_smile:

In spite that i’ve been related to IT in one or another way all my life (my father a Software engineer, games, internet explosion and 2 years of work experience) im not really passionate about coding, but i do about business and management. Anyway, i think i have very good logic skills (understanding of algorithms if you want to put it in another words).
Do you think this would be enough for any manager in general to take their tech teams to higher level? If not, how do you think they complement them best?

Im sorry the question has been taken as “off-topic or not relevant”.
Could you give me an example of how should i ask? i thought this one would be ok cause i saw questions like “Inspiration for programmers?” which i think are good cause is not just a problem query or straight-answer question.


These forums are meant for asking questions relevant to codechef community which mostly consists of programming contest participants. You can ask your question on other sites like or

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