Graph theory

Can anyone provide me with Graph theory material however except topcoder’s i have read it and want some more. Thanx in advance.

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you should also refer this awesome russian website. includes all the important graph theory probles.

you can transtlate it in english using google traslation.


Thanx Buddy

For graph theory-

1- For understanding some good mathematical aspects - Graph Theory With Applications To Engineering And Computer Science

2- Just graph algorithms- Data Strcuture and Algorithms Made Easy- Narasimaha Karumanchi OR Data Structures using C and C++ - Tenenbaum


The Data Structures lectures by Prof. Naveen Garg IIT-Delhi can be found on NPTEL website. The speed of lectures is a bit slow and initially it may seem a little bit boring. You can watch the lectures at 1.5x speed or more. But to me it is the best source of graph theory for beginners i have ever seen.

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