graph theory

from where to start reading about graph theory,nodes,etc??

Graph Theory (with applications to engineering and computer science) by Narsingh Deo is a nice book. You can download a pdf and read to start with. Rest, you can practice Graph based problems here.

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Nice book suggested by @bugkiller .

I also want to suggest some points to improve your graph theory skills May this help you…

Read Narsingh Deo Book and then use T Cormen Book (Introduction to algorithms) or Skiena (The Algorithm Design Manual) to sharp your Algorithms Skills on Graphs.

Try To solve some nice problems on Codechef, Spoj etc…

Happy Coding!!!


The basics of graph theory are pretty simple to grasp, so any text would suffice. I like both the CLRS book and Mathematics of Computer Science (

If, however, you’d like to go into the algorithms related to graphs, there are two books I recommend.

1. CLRS (a.k.a Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen and some other guys as noted by @upendra1234
2. Algorithms by Sedgewick

Algorithms by Sedgewick is more suited for beginners, so I recommend going there. It provides Java code for the algorithms it covers, which includes DFS, BFS, Minimum Spanning Trees, and all sorts of good stuff. You can translate the Java code into any language you’d like.

Introduction to Algorithms by CLRS is more mathematically oriented than Sedgewick’s book. If you like math, that might be good. It’s a very comprehensive book and it provides implementations in pseudocode for the algorithms it covers.

There’s also a few courses for these books on Coursera. Algorithms Part I and Part II by Sedgewick focus on his book while Design and Analysis of Algorithms Part I and Part II by Tim Roughgarden uses CLRS. I have a review for both courses on my blog here:

If you do not have an account on Coursera, I encourage you to make one. If, for some reason, you can’t, I believe Roughgarden’s videos can be found on YouTube. I don’t think Sedgewick’s videos are though since they have a copyright on them.

@bugkiller can u plz share the link of Narsingh Deo Pdf book to download or if you have then upload here…

Requested by @truly_geek, here I am posting the link to download the ebook. You need to register there, but no problems, I got the same way.

Page Link

@truly_geek: You will not obviously want indulge in piracy overhere

As for the problems you can use the classifier on ahmed-aly

@mohit13 >> the link is given in one of the answers I posted. And I guess when you are a member of that website and downloading a file, then its website admins’ task to take care of piracy and all. :stuck_out_tongue: