Google Code Jam Round 1-B 2018 Rounding Error Problem WA

Solution :

Problem :

My approach was simple if language was rounded up simply use rounded up value else store them and then for users that did not respond I processed each user separately. Got WA and can’t figure out what is error in code.

P.S.: WA because I was using set, changed it to vector passed first two cases but failed last case. Link:

Looks like, you have discarded the value of (Ci * 100) % n. You have rounded of (Ci * 100) / n, ignoring any exceeding fraction, and then distributed the remaining number of people.

For example, try this test case:

14 4
3 3 3 3

My solution gives 100%, but your one gives 99%

My Solution:

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What is value for total participants and number of languages for which response has been recorded in this test case ?

For this test case correct answer is 101%, for val=1 it will give only 3% and 14 gives 45%, 4 gives 13%, 3 gives 10% so in total it gives 101% which is the correct answer.

I think he is saying


14 4

3 3 3 3

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Exactly… Extremely sorry for the bad format.

Edited. :slight_smile:

Thanks, it was because I used set and it does not store duplicates. I changed it to vector and it passed first two test cases but not the last one, I even checked for overflow. Link:

@vijju123 Can you look at my code for error. Only last test case is failing now.

Okay, checking it.

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@rj25 - Can you first try changing all >=0.5 to >=0.4999999999 ? If that doesnt work, please comment the code so I can exactly get what you want. Your algo seems correct to me and I suspect it can be an implementation error.

Surprisingly it gave correct answer. I don’t understand why ? In question it is given 12.499 will be made 12 and its has to be 12.5 to be converted to 13. I changed >=0.5 to >=0.499999999. Can anyone explain this ?@vijju123

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Long story short, its nothing but rounding errors. The ideal fix was abs(value-(int) value)<=0.000001 . I just asked you to keep a gap of delta {10}^{-6}- though in a bit lenient fashion :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great explanation. Thanks