Global LeaderBoard page Problem

Whenever I access the page , my browser begins to use too much of memory leading to a slowdown of my pc …eventually leading to a crash.

Is this a problem of my browser or that of poor design of the page? I use firefox 26.0 running on ubuntu 13.04.
(Firefox used 5.7 of the 6 gig of mem I totally have)


I’m exactly using the same OS you are on and also the same browser (idk which version of FF I have, but, I’m assuming its the most updated one) and everything is running good for me :wink:

Try to list the processes which run when you are with FF open on Codechef and see if you can find any “rogue” process you can kill :slight_smile:


There is no problem in chromium…some bug in firefox I guess…hope it gets fixed before somebody writes an exploit for it…:smiley: