Given time limit is 2seconds but solutions have been accepted with more than 30 seconds!

In the march challenge, solutions for the problem “Random Decreasing Function” have been accepted that take more than 30 seconds but the given time limit is 2 seconds. This is well over 2X time(4 seconds) allowed for java .

@nikunjbanka : There are multiple test files for each question . The time limit applies to one input file . So if your solution takes more than time limit on any single test file then you will get time limit exceeded ( for eg . for RDF you may get a message TLE , Time taken = 2.01 seconds ) . That means your solution failed to complete on a particular test file in 2 seconds and hence was killed and not accepted . The time shown for sucessful submissions is sum of time taken for all the input test files . So if there are 5 files and your solutions takes , 1.50 , 1.60 , 1.55 , 1.75 , 1.80 seconds for them , then your solution will be accepted and time taken will be shown as 8.20 seconds .