Getting WA means wrong output whereas TLE means no output ?


Getting a WA means that the program produced incorrect output but when I get TLE it means that the program was terminated before it produced any output … Is this understanding correct ? Can anyone kindly advice ?

Outputs are matched after completion of each test file…so if 1 test file is correct and the 2nd is wrong and there are more test files…then u get to know about the runtime of the 1st 2 files…the remaining are not tested…and it is not as @infinitum said…that as soon as a Wrong output is given the execution is terminated…!!!

In the case of TLE your code might have given some lines of output…but as it does not get terminated within the given amount of time(per test file) the execution is stopped and a TLE verdict is given…it is not that no o/p is generated…though u may have passed a few test files but due to inefficiency of the algorithm some may not pass…this does not say that ur algo is wrong…this only says that ur algo is not efficient…hope this helps…:slight_smile:


Well I never knew that :slight_smile: thanx

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Thanks for the detailed explanation :slight_smile: … clears a lot of doubts :slight_smile:

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glad could help…:slight_smile: