getting problem as it was my first time

import java.util.*;
class atm
public static void main(String args[])
Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
System.out.println(“enter amount to be withdrawn and total amount”);
double wdrw=sc.nextDouble();
double amt=sc.nextDouble();
double rem;
if (wdrw%5==0)

this is my program and i m not getting proper result

You print extra information like “enter amount to be withdrawn and total amount”. Everything your program prints is considered output and compared to the correct output for a particular test case.
Imagine that for a test case the result is 5. Even if your solution is correct and calculates the correct results it would print
“enter amount to be withdrawn and total amount 5” which is different then the expected result “5”.
Printing extra information is ok if it helps you to debug, but before you submit make sure to remove that.

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Also, try to use code formatting when posting here. Your code is impossible to read. Hover over the icons. There is one that says “Code sample…”

Just see the test cases in which they show input format and output format.
The output format of your solution should match the way in which output is required in question.
Remove extra information.