Getting NZEC error, Problem Code: HS08TEST

x = int(input(“Enter amount you want to withdraw :”))
y = float(input(“Enter your balance :”))

y >= 0 and y <= 0

if (x 5 ==0 ): if(x > 0 and x <= 2000.00): if((x + 0.50) <= y): y = y - (x + 0.50) print(".2f" y) else: print(".2f" %y)

#replace the upper part by

temp = input().split()

x = int(temp[0])

y = float(temp[1])

#and you will get correct answer :slight_smile:
#there was some problem with your inputs

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do not print anything except the answer like "please , enter your amount "and like that…
it will result in wrong answer… only print the answer on all codechef questions…

the format asked in question should exactly match with your soln…

HERE is your accepted soln btw…