GERALD09 in july 14

what is the meaning of the the float displayed above points earned when I see a submitted solution.
For example:
in this link what is the meaning of 10.639348 above [0.658pts] in submission by dineia?

plz answer I seriously want to ask this… I dont know its meaning…

I think that is the score your solution has to the test cases. The lower the score in this case, the closer you are to the best solution. Its mentioned in the problem page.

It is the score obtained for that run. Sum of all |W-K|/K

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In Gerald09,


Imagine that your matrix for some testcase contains W different submatrices. Your score for that testcase will be |W-K|/K. You score for all testcases is the sum of the scores for each testcase.
There are 10 cases in total, and only 2 of them are evaluated during the contest, while others are tested but scored 0, and will be evaluated after the contest.

I hope you read this…:slight_smile:

Keeping the rejudging thing apart, your score for the challenge problem depends on the scores that are better than you. You get a partial credit, with respect to the users who have solved in a better manner (got more score)

For example, if you were the first to submit even a brute force solution to the challenge problem, you would get a perfect score of 1.000, now depending on the later submissions if better submissions arrive then they will get a better score and your score will be reduced. So, comparing the scores of the same code in the contest and in the practice arena will not give you any sort of meaningful results.



10.639348 <— should be as less as possible …


0.658pts <— Compared with best score and your score is calculated…