Generating Test Cases

I want to set a problem(its my first time), but I have no idea to generate test cases and what a Test Generation Plan is? I would like to learn it in detail ( While answering, please remember that its my first time). A problem with a test generation plan and test cases would be of great help. Please help!



The following link is about testcase generation:

Other links related to Problem Setting:

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Thanks @squal .

Depending on the domain of the variables in your problem, you can generate the test cases, that involve all kind of testing possible. Sometimes we often encounter that the test cases were weak for a problem, that basically means some corner case(s) was(were) missed out so even solutions which should be WA were getting AC. So try to incorporate all kind of corner cases as well in your test suite. And, it must be such that exactly the same file can be generated again, not like using srand(time(NULL)) as explained here.