General - Query

During long run contest, why can’t you give some hints after some days to solve the hard problems ? If the idea seems to unethical , please comment why. Just a suggestion. I believe that there will be more interest if we are able to solve the problems using hints rather than reading the editorial.

Anyway ranking is not a matter in these contests, and if clues(only for hard problems) are given after few days.

I think more users will try to solve the problem during contests. It will increase the interest among coders too. It would be a great opportunity to learn.

Let me frame your argument differently:-

“In an exam of 3 hours, all people should be allowed to sit and discuss the answers after 2 hours and give hints to each other.After all it is learning from an exam that matters.”

The main purpose of a contest/exam is to determine the best and that of a contestant is to work hard to become the best.There is no use of just keeping learning in each contest if you cant use it solve problems without hints.

My arguments:-

1)Most people wont work too hard and wait for the time when people come and discuss hints.The weakest students who have to learn the most will gain the least.

2)You can use editorials to take hints and not read the complete solutions.

You can always use the remaining 20 days of the month to learn and work on your mistakes


Ok thanks :slight_smile: I got your point.

Totally agree @kcahdog you need to solve problems on your own to know you’re actually learning.