Gate and codechef

My regards to all…sir/madam i am 2nd year student of computer science and i will be joining GATE coaching next year.I want to ask all my seniors that what i have learned here would hel me in GATE preparation.thanks in advance and any kind of link for gate preparation if you guys know.

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First seeing your profile :
I can conclude you haven’t learned alot till now here, or used the opportunity correctly.

Rest as far as your question is concerned, here is the syllabus i was able to find with one Google search :

A many of those topics are covered here on Codechef while you actually code in long and practice, so these all practices would surely help you in future not only in GATE, but in other things in your life too.

PS : Don’t search for benefits just even before trying, but starting programming and then tell the world your experiences… :slight_smile:

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Thanku sir for replying and mentioning the link.Sir,i have just started 6 days ago but surely u will see me in the leaderboard.

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@shadymishra i would be glad to see it… :slight_smile:
All the best for both Codechef + GATE