Further schedule of CCDSAP??

I wish to know, as I’m sure many other users, about the further schedule of scholarships for CCDSAP for Jan 21 exam date.

My questions are:

  1. Will there be a scholarship for Jan 21 exam date?
  2. If Yes, what will be the selection criteria? December long challenge or January Long challenge or Both?
  3. And, will the previously selected candidate will be eligible to be selected again?

Waiting for your reply. :slight_smile:

@admin @vijju123


And will the previously selected candidates be again eligible?

Please reply… @vijju123 @admin

@vijju123 @admin

Please reply, telling about schedule if there is, OR atleast tell me to wait for notification. Anything…

Hello, I posted the same question on quora and got a response.
Here’s the link :Will there be a CCDSAP scholarship program for the Jan 19 exam?

There is no scholarship this time :confused:

Sorry I did not see the thread until today. End sem exams…Glad the issue is resolved though.

No problem @vijju123, though a bit disappointed i missed the scholarship.

Anyways, thanks :slight_smile: